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Give better. Get closer.

Token is your professional gifting service. Send wonderful gifts that stand out to the people you want to be closer with.

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Fast & Simple

Token makes giving a thoughtful gift simple. Tap in a few details about who you’d like to give to, and our experts get to work finding gifts just for them.

Sophisticated Gifts

Our experts send you several hand-picked items just for your recipient, including the best brands and local experiences. Choose what you like, and we handle the buying, wrapping, and delivery.

Delight & Impress

We believe presentation matters. Every gift is impressively wrapped and delightful to open

Give gifts that stand out.

Chosen By Experts

Token is powered by our team of talented gift experts, who hand-pick gifts at your request. They’re trained in both traditions and trends, and are backed up by our custom technology platform.

So you can give more

Whether it's a thank you for a client, a congratulations for a new baby, or for no particular reason at all — Token makes sending gifts so simple, you can give every gift you wish you gave.

Get ready to be more thoughtful.

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