Your Professional Gifting Assistant

Those who gift, succeed

Your Professional Gifting Assistant

How it works

Connect your contacts

Pick your people

Enter who you'd like to give to.

Find a gift

Get Tailored Suggestions

Token's A.I. helps you find wonderful items just for them.

Send impressively

Send Impressively

Your gifts ship same day, handsomely wrapped with handwritten notes.

Gift Finder

Help me find a gift for someone.

Gender is my personality relationship.

Show me themes occasion gifts.


At your service

Your relationships matter, but handling the details is a pain, so let us take care of that.



We make it easy to gather birthdays, mailing addresses and contact info.

Gift finder

Gift finder

We suggest expertly curated gifts tailored to each of your recipients.

Never forget

Never forget

Get reminders in advance so you can be thoughtful and prepared for every birthday and event that matters.

No address necessary

No address necessary

All you need is your recipient's email and we'll take care of the rest.

Unique Gifts

We find items that stand out so that you can stand out.

Gifts that Give Back

Shop the gift guide

Need to send lots of gifts?

Our corporate gifting makes it simple.

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Impressive wrap

Our gifts are curated and wrapped by our team of experts.

Why we do it

Relationships are the most important things in life, and in business. So we made Token: the simple service for sending thoughtful gifts and bringing you closer.


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